Dra. Veronica Cabezas Best dentist in Guadalajara

Dra. Veronica Cabezas

Dentist in Guadalajara

Specialist in Oral Prosthodontics and Rehabilitation

Dra. Veronica Cabezas

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Dra. Veronica Cabezas the best dentist in Guadalajara

Language Spoken:

Spanish, English


  • Dentistry – Universidad de los Andes (ULA) Mérida-Venezuela.

  • Universidad latinoamericana (ULA) Especialidad en Prótesis bucal Junio 2019 CDMX

  • Registration: 11496612


Dsd (Christian Coachman)
Rcp (Latin American University)
Diagnostic Waxing (Citlalli Zavala)
Basic Course (Straumann Group)
Advanced Course (Straumann Group)
Characterization Of Wax And Acrylic Prosthodontics
Hands On Prosthodontic Morse Cone (Neodent)
Planning And Diagnostics In 3D Tomography
Precision Attachments (Rhein 33)
Ocular Prosthesis Brigade
Layering And Characterization Of Indirect Restorations (Ivoclar)

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The Best Dentist in Guadalajara Proclinic Dental and México is here.  For that  reason we invite you to book a virtual appointment to bring you the whole info for your procedure. We can help from zero to recovery your oral health flying back to home. At the same time, we can pick you up at the airport, help you to book a hotel and travel in the city and the best destination in Jalisco like Mazamitla and Puerto Vallarta.

ProClinic Dental is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Jardines del Bosque in Guadalajara. Recognized as one of Mexico’s top cities for medicine and dentistry, Guadalajara is also a leading destination for business, culture, tourism and high technology.

Our modern, bright and spacious clinic, conveniently located in the heart of Guadalajara, offers the perfect setting for your dental care.


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