Root canal

Recover your tooth after an infection


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A Root Canal is needed when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected. This involves removing the infected pulp from your tooth to prevent further problems such as abscess and bone loss. After full dental evaluation and X-Rays will determine if the Root Canal is needed.

Root Canals are done by an Endodontist and require the Specialist to make the procedure to remove the pulp, clean the pulp chamber and seal the chamber with gutta-percha.

To ensure the long term success of the tooth after a Root Canal a post and Core Build Up and Crown is recommended to prevent fractures or filtration of bacteria to the tooth.

Root Canal (1 Trip 1 Day)
The Endodontist specialist performs the root canal.

In some infections, the use of antibiotics is needed.

We recommend 1-day trip depends on the case.

Price Root Canal

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$250 USD Per tooth

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