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This Personal Data Protection Policy has been established to inform Affiliates of PROCLINIC Dental Specialties about the treatment, collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information that is provided when establishing a link with PROCLINIC Dental Specialties. Likewise, this Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) has the objective of strengthening the level of trust between PROCLINIC Dental Specialties and the Affiliate in relation to the treatment of their personal information; make transparent the purposes or use to which your data and/or information is submitted, complying with article 15 of the Data Protection Law.

By establishing a contact, it implies that all personal information provided to PROCLINIC Dental Specialties may be filed, stored, processed, and used for internal and quality purposes; as a means of contact, for various purposes as stipulated below:

The scope of this Personal Data Protection Policy applies to the information of affiliates who establish communication of some kind with PROCLINIC Dental Specialties and the use of said information; whether oral, electronic and/or written.

Consent and obtaining information

PROCLINIC Dental Specialties can document, systematize, and store information regarding the interview, appointment or first contact, as a follow-up and/or documentation to which it gave rise, as indicated in the implemented Quality Management System. Consent regarding the terms regarding the collection, filing, storage, treatment, and use of said information are established in this Policy.

Personal information may be obtained in a number of instances. For example, through the affiliate, as well as references in various print and/or oral media. The way in which the information is acquired, which can be personal (email, address, etc.), can be through questions and/or filling out forms that must be completed in a mandatory or optional manner, depending on the case. The member agrees to provide information in order to be able to count on quality care from PROCLINIC Dental Specialties, in any type of service that is intended to be provided or managed.

Quality of Data

All the information is relevant, for which it is possible that after some unstipulated time, a member of PROCLINIC Dental Specialties may make telephone calls to verify and/or update data. This to have quality and effective communication with our affiliates.

Of the use of the Information

PROCLINIC Dental Specialties uses personal information to:

  • Improve the service provided to the different affiliates
  • Provide the pertinent service to each affiliate as stipulated by the Quality Management System, depending on each case.
  • Comply with obligations contracted by agreements
  • To allow adaptation and modification of managed services or programs.
  • To send new information that may be of interest to the member
  • To expand knowledge in internal research, statistics, and development.

At PROCLINIC Dental Specialties we do not sell, share, or disclose the personal data or information of affiliates to third parties, except in the event that PROCLINIC Dental Specialties is obliged and to the extent permitted by law:

  1. a) That the affiliate approves the sharing of data requested by third parties.
  1. b) In the event that a law, regulation, or administrative or judicial authority so requires.
  1. c) In the event that the rights or property of PROCLINIC Dental Specialties are threatened.

Data Protection

Aware of the importance of privacy, PROCLINIC Dental Specialties uses technology to protect the personal information provided, through passwords and software used. As well as the handling of use and archiving of electronic and physical files is carried out only through authorized and trained personnel who work at PROCLINIC Dental Specialties and who are aware of the Policy. It should be noted that there is no complete certainty that the files are fully protected due to the previously mentioned paragraphs in which PROCLINIC Dental Specialties could be forced to provide information to third parties; Therefore, in these cases, PROCLINIC Dental Specialties will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the member in the event that the information is accessed by third parties.

Who protects the information

In PROCLINIC Dental Specialties, located Av. Paseo de la Arboleda #742, Jardines del Bosque in Guadalajara, Jal, Mex. data or information is controlled, captured, and protected depending on the service being provided. The identity of who controls, collects and operates the personal data can be found in the general collaboration agreement, or in the formats used depending on the service that is granted or administered to each user.

Of Other Terms

The affiliate can contact PROCLINIC Dental Specialties by personal email or by means of a letter signed by the owner of the data to request the personal information that has been stored and corresponds to it; therefore, the person responsible for safeguarding your data will be obliged to send you the data requested about your personal information.

At the moment in which the owner of the information does not want to be sent more information or various communications (reports, newsletters or satisfaction evaluations), or wants to dispense with the services of PROCLINIC Dental Specialties, you can make your request through a formal letter signed by the holder addressed to the Director of PROCLINIC Dental Specialties accompanied by the reason for it. Similarly, the affiliate has the right to demand that his personal data be deleted or updated if it is incomplete, incorrect, or out of date and if he believes that it is unnecessary. PROCLINIC Dental Specialties, is obliged to confirm the letter and respond according to the request and the contract allows it (if applicable).

It should be noted that since PROCLINIC Dental Specialties is governed by a Quality Management System, the data in the first instance tends to be informational and documentary to provide evidence of activities or processes carried out. Therefore, the time of protection of the information of each holder is at the discretion of PROCLINIC Dental Specialties. If the member is inactive from any service or link with PROCLINIC Dental Specialties for more than 5 years, he or she could be removed from the database.

By accessing or requesting PROCLINIC Dental Specialties an appointment, interview and/or first contact, it is presumed that you have already agreed to provide some data. However, your authorization is required for the use of your information as stipulated in the current terms of this Privacy Policy. Therefore, PROCLINIC Dental Specialties undertakes that the information provided is treated while protecting its confidentiality.

If the changes to the Personal Data Protection Policy

PROCLINIC Dental Specialties reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. In the event of an update, this policy is included on the website, therefore, it is suggested that you review it periodically to be informed of any changes made. The last revision to this confidentiality policy was made on January 1, 2021.


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