Casa Habita



Casa Habita


$120 USD Approximate price per night / Precio aproximado por noche.

Ubicación y contacto / Location and contact:

Location and design are the main ingredients of Casa Habita, the newest hotel of Grupo Habita, in the trendiest area of Guadalajara, the Lafayette neighborhood.

An original house from the Lafayette neighborhood from the beginning of the 20th century, Casa Habita is part of a brand new high rise, where the thirty seven suites are located. Design firm Dimore Studio has worked closely with Grupo Habita and opened the Hotel in September 2015. Art, design, fashion and architecture merge at Casa Habita

Two individual sites, the 40’s designed house with the lobby, bar, restaurant , pool & terrace, flows towards the new building, where the thirty seven rooms and spa, are located. These two areas merge, giving the feeling of an unified space although keeping their own identity.

Like other Grupo Habita hotels, Casa Habita features a pool bar with a swimming pool, terrace and chill out areas for relax. These leisure areas are located in the roof top of the 40’s house.



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