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Clear plastic guards that correct tooth alignment


More about Invisalign aligners in Guadalajara

Invisalign aligners is a form of braces that use clear tray aligners. They’re made of Invisalign’s own blend of plastic and manufactured in their own facilities based on molds of your mouth. The aligners are a solid piece of plastic that is strong enough to put pressure on specific parts of your teeth to slowly move them into a better position.

To get Invisalign, you first need to have a consultation with your dentist. They’ll look at your smile, your overall oral health, and take impressions of your mouth. Then, Invisalign makes their aligners unique to your mouth for a custom fit.

We create your overall treatment plan and serves as your partner in getting the results you want.

Plan your trip!

✈️ Examination & 3D Scan (First Trip)
A first dental visit is to examine and create an impression of your mouth to take a 3D scan.

✈️  Follow-up (Second Trip)
On the second visit, after 6 or 8 months you return for follow-up treatment.

​We recommend a 3 or 5 days trip depends on the case.

INVISALIGN Price Comparison

🇲🇽 Invisaling: From $3,200 USD

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Invisalign aligners in Guadalajara


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