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Dental Crowns in Guadalajara


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Dental Crowns in Guadalajara

A dental crown is a fixed prosthesis used to restore a tooth damaged by decay, fractures, or wear from bruxism. It improves aesthetics and protects the tooth from chewing forces. Crowns can also correct bites, protect teeth after root canals, and enhance smiles for cosmetic reasons. Additional procedures like crown lengthening or root canals may be needed.

Plan Your Trip

✈️ **1 Trip, 3 Days**

– **First Visit**: Examine and prepare the tooth, take an impression for the crown.

– **Second Visit**: Cement the crown after 3 days.

We recommend a 3 to 5 day trip, depending on your case.

Dental Crowns Price in Guadalajara

🇲🇽 **Zirconia / Emax Crown**: $500 USD each

Types of Dental Crowns

Zirconia Crowns

E-max Porcelain Ceramic Crowns

Metal Porcelain Crowns Gold Crowns

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