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It is perfect to prevent the appearance of expression lines and a great help to improve the existing ones. Its objective is to modulate the gesticulation, so that it does not eliminate it but diminishes the fracture of the skin. Ideal to treat forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, bar code (perioral lines), chin wrinkles, lines and flaccidity in the neck. Approximate duration of treatment 4 months


Its precise application on certain muscles can generate beautification of the face, to achieve a “brow lift” (subtle lifting of the eyebrow), correction of gummy smile, “lip-flip”, neck tightening and slimming of the face.  Also, because of its application in the masseter muscle, in addition to slimming the face, it is useful in patients who grind their teeth at night (bruxism). Approximate duration of treatment 4 months



New treatment to prevent or reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine. It consists of its application at muscular level on the face areas affected during the migraine attack, normally frontal and temporal area of the skull. Approximate duration of treatment 6 months.


Treatment that reduces excessive sweating that occurs mainly in palms, soles and armpits. Its application is directly on the gland responsible for producing sweat. Approximate duration of treatment 6 months.


Facial fillers are one of the most effective tools in aesthetic medicine to enhance the beauty of the patient and restore modifications that occur in the aging process.

It consists of a liquid implant that is applied with precision on an area to be treated in order to mold or give volume to generate a change. The fillers used today are reabsorbable, temporary and compatible with body tissue, among them are hyaluronic acid.

The treatment in small areas can be:

-Eyebrow filler that removes fatigue to the look.

-Lip filler to moisturize, volumize, outline and correct asymmetries.

-Aesthetic rhinomodeling

-Chin augmentation to balance and improve the profile of a face.

-Jaw marking to slim or shape the face.

It is also possible to perform more complete treatments that will help to highlight the beauty, preserving naturalness and aestheticism, they can be:

-Facial rejuvenation

-Facial harmonization

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